Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sage 2.10.2 has been released

Sage 2.10.2 has been release roughly three weeks after 2.10.1. The delay is mostly due to Sage Days 7, which took the attention away from most developers and also caused a number of people to come down with nasty colds (me included). Highlights from the release (shamelessly stolen from the announcement):
  • John Voight's fast new code for enumeration of totally real fields is now included.
  • David Roe's code for unramified and Eisenstein extensions of Qp and Zp is now included.
  • Clement Pernet, Burcin Erocal and William Stein have implemented an optimized p-adic/modular algorithm for computing Hermite normal forms of matrices over the integers. For random square nonsingular matrices with small entries it is similar to Magma in speed, and vastly faster than the implementations in Gap, NTL, and PARI. For matrices with large entries (e.g., 16 bits or more), it is faster than anything else in the world. For nonsquare matrices it is also reasonably good, though more optimization is needed since Magma is much better in some cases. We also implemented related code for computing determinants over QQ and ZZ, which is again the fastest in the world especially when the matrix entries are large. The main reasons for the speed of our implementation are (1) IML is fast, and (2) we found some tricks that are not in the literature.
  • Tim Abbott and Michael Abshoff worked on the Debianization of the build process. Due to a lot of work done by Project Athena at MIT Tim Abbott contributed many build scripts for chroot environments. He also contributed build scripts for nearly all of the SPKGs not yet in Debian. Michael Abshoff did set up a test build server and while it has been shut down for now the Sage project will set up another 64 bit build server in the near future top provide Debian packages for a wide variety of Debian based distributions.
Binaries for 2.10.2 have been uploaded to and are available at various mirrors - even though some might still have to catch up over the next couple hours.

Sage 2.10.3 is coming up and we might do a real quick bug fix only release since Sage Day 8 at Enthought is coming up.



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