Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bug Day 7 Wrap Up, Sage 2.9.rc0 Released

Bug Day 7 turned into a 23 hour coding session for some of us. So I am quite tired and don't really up to remember all the details. We merged a lot of tickets, I will write a proper summary for 2.9.rc1 or I would like to thank everybody who participated in Bug Day 7. The 185 MB tarball is at

The release is planned in about 16 hours. So we will mostly concentrate on build and doctest fixes. 2.9.rc0 has a bunch of doctest failures related to calculus and number fields. Those will be fixed before the 2.9 final release.

The following releases are planned for the rest of the year:
  • 2.9.1: chaired by Robert Miller, bug fixes, release planned about a week from now
  • 2.9.2: chaired by Michael Abshoff, bug fixes, release planned about a week from now

2.9.2 will be the release we will distribute on DVD at the AMS meeting, so we are shooting hard for an excellent release.

Edit: There were some gremlins in this release which we are fixing right now. I also forgot to tag this post with Sage, so it didn't show up on Planet Sage yet.



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