Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sage 2.9 Released

After two weeks of hard work we finally released Sage 2.9. Since we normally released about once a week it shows that more effort than usual was spend on the process. We closed 110 ticket in the process, as you can see when visiting our trac installaion. We finally merged some long requested packages, namely R and ATLAS. PolyBoRi was also merged as well as updates to FLINT 1.02 and Symmetrica 2.0. You can read the announcement from Google groups with all the gory details or go directly to the download page. While we did spend a large amount of time on getting everything to work perfectly there are still some known problems. Updates can also be a little tricky, but please report all issues as usual to sage-support.

I need to catch up with sleep now. The 2.9.1 release will be chaired by Robert Miller, while I will probably do the 2.9.2 release. Both are planned for a week and two weeks from now respectively.



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