Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sage 3.0.1.alpha0 released

Hello folks,

this is 3.0.1.alpha0. So far we have only merged bugfixes, nothing invasive has been merged yet and there is nothing on the radar that does look invasive. 24 tickets have been closed up to now and I am not quite sure what the rest of the release cycle will look like because it currently doesn't look like we need a pure bug fix only release quickly.

There are plenty of patches available for review. The coercion rewrite planned for 3.1 seems to be going well.

Sources and binaries are in the usual place:



Merged in alpha0:

#783: Alex Ghitza: dilog is lame
#1187: Alex Ghitza: bug in G.conjugacy_classes_subgroups()
#1921: Alex Ghitza, Mike Hansen: add random_element to groups
#2302: Michael Abshoff, William Stein, Scot Terry: Add a 64 bit glibc 2.3 based binary of Sage to the default build platforms
#2325: David Roe, Kiran Kedlaya: segfault in p-adic extension() method
#2821: Alex Ghitza: get rid of anything "about this document" sections of any sage docs that say "send email to stein"
#2939: David Joyner: improvements (docstring and laplace fixes)
#2985: Michael Abshoff: ITANIUM (RHEL 5) -- bug in's OptimalSolver()
#2993: Michael Abshoff: OSX/gcc 4.2: disable padlock support per default
#2995: Alex Ghitza: some new functionality and doctests for congruence subgroups
#3003: Jason Brandlow: Bugfix for to_tableau() method of CrystalOfTableaux elements
#3005: Craig Citro: modabar -- failure to compute endomorphism ring
#3006: David Joyner: missing elliptic integrals in
#3014: Michael Abshoff: ZZ.random_element -- corrupted docstring
#3017: Michael Abshoff: invalid link after make install
#3022: Tim Abbott: Debian package support for polybori
#3023: Jason Grout: make apply_map deal with empty matrices
#3025: William Stein: Sparse vector spaces don't cast on assignment
#3027: Tim Abbott: Debian lintian fixes

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