Friday, April 25, 2008

Ubuntu LTS 6.06 x86-64 binaries Available

We finally have Ubuntu 6.06 LTS x86-64 binaries for Sage 3.0 available. it was mentioned in the release announcement, but a last minute bug did delay the release of the binaries since the doctest failed. That has been fixed.

Well, you might ask, Ubuntu LTS 8.04 is out, so what about binaries for that release? And the answer is the same as always: Make a VMWare image with minimal install and development tools, a working ssh access from the outside, a home partition with a devent amount of space [i.e. 20GB] and get it to William or me. From then on we will build you binary releases and the chance that Sage will compile and doctest fine on your preferred distrbution will be greatly improved.



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