Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sage 2.10.1 Progress

Progress on Sage 2.10.1 has been good so far. We closed 71 tickets as off alpha2 and have about another 30 patches or so under review. The initial load of patches were merged during Bug Day 9, which turned out to be an excellent debug session. The wiki page is somewhat misleading since the IRC log isn't up yet and many people who participated did not add themselves to the wiki page.

But there is some trouble in paradise since the upgrade of GNUTLS and its related components broke the notebook in secure mode. This lead to a revisit in #sage-devel about whether linking a GPLed program like Sage against OpenSSL is legal or not. While opinion diverged in this it remains a fact that we should fix the GNUTLS issue (or is it in Twisted? I am not sure yet) since we can't ship OpenSSL libraries with the binary and the reliance on a properly working system OpenSLL in the past had lead to plenty of trouble in the past.

Besides the above issue what else can we expect of 2.10.1? Better ATLAS build times on Pentium Ms and 32 bit Athlons (not merged yet as of alpha1). a lot of work toward building a 64 bit OSX version of Sage and maybe even a universal binary for OSX (32 bit ppc and x86), so stay tuned.



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