Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sage 2.9.2 Released

Sage 2.9.2 has been released. We merged relatively few tickets this round because this release is targeted for the AMS meeting in San Diego that starts this weekend. The big change from is the much improved 3D support via jmol. Robert Bradshaw and William Stein spend a lot of work on this right up to the release. Let's hope everything is working out with that code. Additionally we fixed some long standing build and relocation issues. Please report any problems as usual.

Sage 2.10 will happen in about a week and we plan to update a lot of spkgs as well as add full support for FreeBSD and limited support for Solaris. We will see how that works out, the release date certainly isn't written in stone and depending on how the merge goes we might push it back. If you look at the tracker we have about 272 ticket open against 2.10. I am hoping that the coding spring this weekend will help reduce this number substantially. There are also a bunch of patches ready to go in that we did not merge since we were very risk averse and also had a hard deadline which we cannot move.



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