Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sage 2.10.1 release plan and an Outlook for 2.10.2

After various release candidates, i.e. Sage 2.10.1.rc0-rc2 we are getting finally close to the final release. The release cycle has been longer than usual since we still have a number of blockers to resolve, i.e. the ATLAS tuning issue as well as fallout from the GNUTLS update which causes segfaults when starting the notebook. It will be the release for Sage Days 7, but we might still push another bug fix only release if it turns out that we have some glaring, must fix bugs in Sage 2.10.1. Sage 2.10.2 (or .3) will probably merged David Roe's unramified and eisenstein extensions of Qp and Zp as well as John Voight's code for enumerating totally real fields with improvements by Craig Citro. We also expect more fixes for the 64 bit OSX port as well as for the Solaris port, but it is uncertain if either one of them will become officially stable in that release.



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