Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sage 2.10.alpha4, Doc Day 1 & Bug Day 9

We are making progress toward Sage 2.10. With 2.10.alpha4 we have closed 72 tickets, but we are working very hard to make this release an excellent one. There are two events coming up this week:

  • Doc Day 1 will be held on Thursday the 17th, 2008, i.e. tomorrow, starting at 9am PST. We will write doctests and documentation. Since it is the first of its kind we will play it by ear and see how it goes.
  • Bug Day 9 will be held on Saturday the 19th, 2008, starting at 9am PST. It will be business as usual and the plan is to put the finishing touches in the 2.10 release. From experience we will sort out the fallout from all the merges we do at the bug day on Sunday and release either Sunday or Monday night depending on how many issues and last minute problems creep up.
It does look like we will miss most of the goals we set ourselves for 2.10, but we made progress on various fronts and will just shift any issue left open to bug fix releases 2.10.x which are planned weekly until at least 2.10.3



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