Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sage 3.0.1.alpha1 released


this release should have been out two days ago, but somehow general slowness and me spending a lot of time on various porting issues did delay this release more than it should have. Gary's pbuild should now be fully functional, but it wasn't made the default build system yet. If you run

export SAGE_PBUILD=yes

before building Sage pbuild will be used. All the various sage [-b|-ba|-br|...] should work as should -clone & friends. The number of threads used during the build is set via


for eight threads. Switching between pbuild and normal build is not possible in all cases, so in case of problems nuke the build directory on devel/sage. Please try out pbuild and report any trouble. We *really* want to switch to it per default soon.

I am currently seeing an odd doctest failure in

doctest failure in devel/sage/sage/server/simple/

Other than that things should "just work".

Sources and binaries are in the usual place. We are getting toward the end of the release cycle



Merged in 3.0.1.alpha1:

#1549: Alex Ghitza: Sage 2.9: fix optional doctests in tut.tex
#2216: Alex Ghitza: Creating an order in a number field --> infinite loop?
#2504: Alex Ghitza: number field .units() method caches proof=False result and returns it for proof=True
#2523: Craig Citro: bug in modular symbols for GammaH subgroup
#2716: Marshall Hampton: convex hulls and polyhedral functions
#2741: William Stein, Timothy Clemans: Implement mesh lines in 3d plots
#2938: Craig Citro: Fix ModularSymbols(GammaH(8,[3])).decomposition() ModularSymbols(GammaH(81, [10])).decomposition();
#3029: Tim Abbott: Move DEB_AUTO_UPDATE_DEBIAN_CONTROL out of Debian packages
#3030: Gary Furnish: Cython working directory command line option patch
#3031: Kiran Kedlaya, Craig Citro: Add zeta_function method for schemes
#3032: Dan Bump: minor docstring cleanup in and
#3034: Tim Abbott: improved cleaning code for Debian packages
#3036: Tim Abbott: SAGE_TESTDIR broken
#3037: Gary Furnish, Robert Bradshaw: update cython to
#3038: Tim Abbott: SAGE fixes for using Debian packaged polybori, zn_poly
#3039: Tim Abbott: Improve auto-generated version numbers for Debian packages
#3041: Francois Bissey, Michael Abshoff: optimization setting in LinBox.spkg is broken
#3054: Jason Grout: copying a graph doesn't copy _pos or _boundary
#3055: Jason Grout: creating subgraph does not delete _pos entries
#3057: Tom Boothby: MPolynomialRing_generic type-checks to determine commutativity
#3059: William Stein, Timothy Clemans: notebook -- rewrite notebook(...) function to *not* use SSL by default
#3061: Michael Abshoff, Max Murphy: use readlink and realpatch so that symlinking sage works
#3063: Didier Deshommes: empty matrices: norm() returns a ValueError
#3064: Didier Deshommes: empty matrices: density() function throws a ZeroDivisionError
#3066: Didier Deshommes: empty matrices: gram_schmidt() throws a NameError
#3067: Didier Deshommes: matrices: numeric_array() is missing an import

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