Friday, May 2, 2008

Sage 3.0.1.rc0 release


This is the end of the 3.0.1 release cycle. The build was announced in IRC about eight hours ago, but since I took a long nap in the meantime I never posted to sage-devel ;)

Gary's pbuild has been improved and three bugs have been fixed. Please try it out again for feedback. To use pbuild
export SAGE_PBUILD=yes

before building Sage. The number of threads used during the build of the Sage library is set via SAGE_BUILD_THREADS, i.e.


for eight threads. Switching between pbuild and normal build is not possible in all cases, so in case of problems nuke the build directory on devel/sage.

Things should "just work" in this release [famous last words], but there are some reported oddities with pexpect behaving badly. We have so far been unable to reproduce and of those issue on a local system [Gary claims hangs for him on sage.math - but it doesn't for me], so if you see anything please let us know.

Sources and binaries are in the usual place. This is the end of the release cycle. A handful more patches are planned for Anything non-blocker will be considered for 3.0.2.



Merged in rc0:

#2755: Andrey Novoseltsev: update
#3060: Marshall Hampton, Michael Abshoff: update optional biopython package to 1.45 release
#3062: Timothy Clemans: implement __oct__ special method for the integers
#3070: Robert Miller: bug in SymmetricGroup(1).cayley_graph()
#3071: Gary Furnish: Using pbuild does not create site-packages sage symlink
#3072: Willem Jan Palenstijn: sage -i numeric-24.2 (and all other experimental packages) fails
#3074: Robert Bradshaw: update Cyton to the release
#3076: Michael Abshoff: spkg-debian in extcode spkg not executable
#3077: Gary Furnish: pbuild does not return properly on failure
#3078: Willem Jan Palenstijn: sage's spkg-install doesn't return failure if build failed
#3082: William Stein: sage-3.0.1.alpha1: a doctest failure

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