Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sage 3.0.2.alpha0 release

Hello folks,

this is Sage 3.0.2.alpha0. What happened? It seems that people were busy and until this morning there wasn't a whole lot to merge. But I had a busy day today and finally these is something to put out. We are still mostly on bug fix only mode, so no big surprises. "sage -sdist" seems to have been broken by David Joyner's #3046, so sage-banner is emtpy [see #3161]. I fixed this in the tarball and it will be fixed in Sage 3.0.2.alpha1.

Binaries and sources in the usual place:

I also created md5sums. There are 70+ tickets with patches in trac, among them quite a number of notebook patches. So it would be very nice if people can do some serious review. Note that the notebook patches have some rather large dependency tree available in the wiki here.



Merged in alpha0:

#336: William Stein, Timothy Clemans: Create an option to clear all cell output
#905: Burcin Erocal, Michael Abshoff: update ipython to 0.8.2
#1230: William Stein: Quit worksheet behaviour
#1557: William Stein: notebook -- usability improvement after uploading file
#2684: Jason Grout: vertices should not default to red
#2768: Jason Grout: add comparison operators to the fast_float mechanism
#2926: Timothy Clemans: notebook -- Minimalistic change password page for notebook user
#2983: Michael Abshoff: Itanium (RHEL 5) -- singular interface problems in
#3008: William Stein: first cell in notebook is undeletable
#3020: John Cremona, Martin Albrecht: Speed up Finite Fields of characteristic 2 constructors
#3026: Bjarke Hammersholt Roune: multivariate polynomial rings with no variables do not print properly
#3028: Bjarke Hammersholt Roune: Ideals in multivariate polynomial rings with no variables raise exception on comparison
#3065: Didier Deshommes: empty matrices: frobenius() throws RuntimeError
#3105: Francis Clark: new _latex_ and modified __repr__ for elements of relative number fields
#3109: William Stein: elliptic curves -- implement P.divide(n) for P a point on an elliptic curve and n an integer
#3110: Gary Furnish: fix pbuild dependency bug
#3116: Mike Hansen: 1x1 symbolic matrices don't work right
#3121: Jason Grout, William Stein: @interact grid control
#3125: Robert Miller: chromatic_polynomial incorrectly blocks control-c
#3126: Robert Bradshaw: Cython annotation has unicode errors (e.g. from the notebook)
#3129: Bjarke Hammersholt Roune: The singular interface should not claim to support polynomial rings with no variables
#3136: William Stein: the readme for osx should be changed to delete the line about inotebook()
#3138: Bjarke Roune: Singular multivariate polynomial ring has redundant _repr_ method
#3142: Martin Albrecht: MPolynomialIdeal.homogenize bugfix
#3143: Martin Albrecht: remove references to "/home/was"
#3046: David Joyner: version option returning clone branch name
#3150: Carlo Hamalainen: Memory leak in dancing_links.pyx
#3157: Gary Furnish: Executable target for pbuild
#3158: Michael Abshoff: singular-3-0-4-2-20080405.p1 requires flex
#3159: Tim Abbott, Francois Bissey, Michael Abshoff: Patch adding soname to ntl shared library

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