Friday, May 23, 2008

Sage 3.0.2.rc0 released

Hello folks,

this is 3.0.2.rc0, the likely final release of the 3.0.2 series and hopefully next to identical to the final 3.0.2. What is new?
  • Franco Saliola and Peter Jipsen's posets and semi-lattive patch
  • Robert Miller's self-orthogonal binary codes
  • Bjarke Hammersholt Roune's Frobby is now an optional spkg
  • Pbuild should now pass the doctests since #3097 has been fixed
In addition there were the usual bug fixes. Please build and doctest as usual and report any issues you see.

Sources and a sage.math-only binary in the usual places:



Merged in rc0:

#1762: Robert Miller, Michael Abshoff: Create optional graphviz package
#2121: Robert Miller: move libecm wrapper from interfaces to libs
#2519: Franco Saliola, Peter Jipsen: Add support for posets, semi-lattices, etc. to Sage
#3018: Bjarke Hammersholt Roune: Integrate Frobby into Sage
#3097: Gary Furnish, Michael Abshoff: pbuild: make sure the files from's scripts section are copied
#3104: William Stein: pbori.pyx: Make some doctest long since it uses a lot of RAM
#3112: Robert Miller: Generate self-orthogonal binary codes
#3148: Francis Clarke: improved orthogonal functions
#3218: Michael Abshoff: fix 64 bit OSX build support for mercurial
#3219: William Stein: upgrade to gmp-4.2.2 while we wait for MPIR
#3242: Robert Miller: Fix little bug in G.relabel() for G a graph
#3245: Mike Hansen: provide coefficient and coefficients methods for symbolic expressions
#3257: Gary Furnish: Pbuild ignores gcc specific default settings
#3263: Craig Citro: typo in
#3266: William Stein: Sage 3.0.2.alpha1: doctest failure in sage/server/simple/
#3267: Michael Abshoff: Sage 3.0.2.alpha1: doctest failure in sage/server/
#3269: Jason Bandlow: Improve documentation for combinat/
#3270: Robert Miller: trivial 100x speedup in coding theory
#3272: Craig Citro: Bug in sparse polynomials over finite fields
#3273: Robert Bradshaw: extend isqrt to work for Python int's in addition to Sage integers and objects with an isqrt method
#3274: Michael Abshoff: OSX: delete libpng*.la since we also nuke libpng*.dylib
#3275: Craig Citro: Make SL2Z distinct

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